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The Clarity Post

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Read about Infection Prevention, Safety Culture, and so much more in our quarterly newsletter.


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Clarity PSO Learning Series

Topic: Medications and Secondary IV Piggybacks

This report explores medication events related to secondary infusions and interventions to prevent future incidents.


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Improving Care in Radiation Oncology

Clarity PSO built the online interface and provides patient safety services for RO-ILS, a new patient safety initiative in radiation oncology care.




Journey to an Effective Safety Culture - Part 2:
Awareness & Assessment of Safety Culture

Explore complexity and chaos' effects on systems, human factors, Just Culture, and the potential impacts they all have on patient safety in Clarity PSO's latest White Paper.

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Why Choose Clarity PSO?

Clarity PSO is a division of Clarity Group, Inc., one of the nation's leading healthcare professional liability risk management organizations. As one of the first federally listed Patient Safety Organizations, we offer healthcare providers a full range of solutions for increasing patient safety, including:

  • Federal legal privilege and confidentiality protections for any patient safety data reported to the PSO
  • Reporting tools such as the Healthcare SafetyZone® Portal, with AHRQ Common Format template capabilities
  • Benchmarking via data submission to a national database (Network of Patient Safety Databases)
  • In-person and online training founded on evidenced-based best practices
  • Expertise in proactive risk assessments, root cause analyses, and in-depth investigations
  • Ongoing support to your quality and safety departments that might not otherwise be affordable
  • Access to a national Healthcare Advisory Council that provides evidence-based recommendations on issues that surface via data analysis