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Clarity PSO Plays Key Role in a New Patient Safety Initiative

Clarity PSO is proud to announce that it has been selected by ASTRO and AAPM for a key role in the development and launch of RO-ILS: Radiation Oncology Incident Learning System™, a new, national patient safety initiative to facilitate safer and higher quality radiation oncology care.

RO-ILS™ is the only medical specialty society-sponsored radiation oncology incident learning system operating within a federally recognized Patient Safety Organization, Clarity PSO. The initiative will use Clarity Group's Healthcare SafetyZone® Portal event management software to track safety incidents at the particpating radiation oncology centers and Clarity PSO will provide affiliated patient safety services.

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What is a PSO?

PSO stands for Patient Safety Organization, and stems from the Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Act of 2005. This Act called for the creation of PSOs as a means of assessing and improving patient safety outcomes in US health care delivery. Through the law, all licensed providers are encouraged to collect and report patient safety and quality information to an accredited PSO. In return, all data reported to the PSO are held confidential and legally protected from discovery.

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Improving Care in Radiation Oncology

Clarity PSO built an online interface and provides affiliated patient safety services for a new patient safety initiative in radiation oncology care.

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Clarity PSO Remains a Top Patient Safety Organization

Clarity has re-certified as a federal PSO & will continue to provide valuable & industry-leading patient safety expertise & services.

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Why Choose Clarity PSO?

Clarity PSO is a division of Clarity Group, Inc., one of the nation's leading healthcare professional liability risk management organizations. As one of the first certified and federally listed Patient Safety Organizations, we offer healthcare providers a full range of solutions for increasing patient safety, including:

  • Federal legal privilege and confidentiality protections for any patient safety data reported to the PSO
  • Reporting tools such as the Healthcare SafetyZone® Portal, with AHRQ Common Format template capabilities
  • Benchmarking via data submission to a national database (Network of Patient Safety Databases)
  • In-person and online training founded on evidenced-based best practices
  • Expertise in proactive risk assessments, root cause analyses, and in-depth investigations
  • Ongoing support to your quality and safety departments that might not otherwise be affordable
  • Access to a national Healthcare Advisory Council that provides evidence-based recommendations on issues that surface via data analysis