Past Webinars

Building a Meaningful Safety Program - One Community Health Center's Story
In this presentation, we cover how Community Health Centers can build meaningful safety programs in their facilities. We discuss the general strategy developed by Clarity and then how one FQHC identified and deployed a streamlined approach to safety by leveraging the power of a PSO and an electronic safety event management system.

Creating a Culture of Safety...Where Do You Start?
Medical errors occur for a number of reasons, and when you can identify why they happen, you can take action and prevent future errors. But what if errors are not being reported or your staff are not embracing change? How do we improve patient care? A big part of the answer is a positive culture of safety.

In this presentation, we cover safety culture and its characteristics; the rationale and challenges of creating and sustaining a culture of safety; components necessary to support an effective safety culture; and assessment strategies you can use in creating your culture.

Patient Safety Organizations: Protection, Empowerment, Collaboration
How can you reduce patient harm and medical errors with a Patient Safety Organization? With open reporting of adverse events, data sharing and organizational learning, how can you not? A PSO offers legal protections and promotes a positive culture of safety, giving healthcare providers the means to truly focus on uncovering the causes of patient safety events and identifying ways to prevent them.

In this webinar you'll learn about the PSO program and hear how healthcare providers can benefit from participating. And for hospitals with 50 beds or more who wish to continue to participate in the Healthcare Insurance Marketplace beyond January 1, 2017, the CMS deadline for PSO participation is fast approaching!