First we develop a system and a process, supported by our own expertise and various software efficiencies, that identifies safety issues in real-time, driving immediate action so that further exposure can be avoided.

Then we consider the creation of a Captive Insurance Company that will modify excessive liability insurance payments and reward your efforts toward enhanced safety and decreased exposure.

CaptiveTriadA Captive Insurance Company can be extremely cost-effective, even as it shifts more control of the risk to the organization itself, because in doing so, it places a greater emphasis on safety, and can therefore raise the awareness of potential exposures system-wide. For a Captive Insurance Company to truly be successful, it requires the performance of these three functions well: Underwriting, Risk-Quality-Safety (RQS) Management, and Claims Management. We call this the Captive Risk Management Triad™.


Clarity assists senior management and their boards of directors to articulate strategic goals in the formation of an alternative risk financing vehicle. From these goals various models for the creation of an insurance operation are explored for best fit with a number of criteria, including regulatory, financial, and operational considerations.

Once the selection of the insurance operation model is made, Clarity completes the formation and licensing process appropriate to the domicile for the company. Key aspects of this phase include: business plan development, actuarial analysis and rating plan design, application and policy forms development, claims and risk management systems design, and financial documents. Coordination with the organization's internal systems is central to the formation process.


Clarity provides full-service Captive insurance company operations and management, with Underwriting Policy Administration, risk and claim management services, regulatory compliance, and financial reporting. Core to our philosophy is the Total Risk, Quality, Safety, Service Management Model (TRQS2 Model™) which integrates the organization's efforts to enhance safety with the insurance product to help support good financial performance.