Employees are the backbone of our organizations - keeping them safe is essential to the success of your operation. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, more healthcare workers become ill or injured than in any other industry sector with at least 100,000 employees resulting in significant costs to the healthcare industry. The Healthcare SafetyZone® Portal's employee safety module manages, tracks and analyzes your employee events so you can address potential issues and create a safe work environment for the people who dedicate their time and effort to your organization and patients.

Create an employee environment that leads to lower costs and improved quality of care.
Employees are the stronghold of any organization and keeping them safe contributes to performance and delivery of care. The reality of labor shortages facing the healthcare industry is that our organizations cannot afford to lose time or money on preventable employee absences.

  • Track department & facility activities to create a system-wide picture of employee safety
  • Identify & proactively address potential staff resourcing issues
  • Automate notification & streamline follow-up to ensure issues are addressed & resolved before turning into claims
  • Demonstrate action to external & internal stakeholders to reinforce workplace quality
  • Produce reports to identify trends & develop interventions
  • Measure success of interventions over time

"Efficiency across the board! Staff get information quickly and follow-up has become more effective and timely. For example, we are able to bring Portal reports directly to the Medication Error Reduction Committee and we are also able to run reports for the floor so they can be shared with staff. The Portal is the tool that helps us to know what to do and provides a collaborative way to make change happen because all necessary staff are apprised of the situation simultaneously and can have input on what needs to be done."

Iris Vering
Director of Quality Services
Waverly Health Center