You face the increasing demand to improve patient satisfaction and respond quickly and effectively to complaints to prevent potentially costly claims. Further, what about your interventions and policies that ARE working? Looking at patient feedback - good or bad - as an isolated circumstance doesn't allow your organization to see the full picture. The Healthcare SafetyZone® Portal provides a mechanism for you to both immediately address and assess quality of patient care over time.

Get insights. Improve patient satisfaction. Show results of quality initiatives.
Whether it is a complaint, compliment or comprehensive survey - all of these are critical to improving patient care and creating a path to improved quality and outcomes.

  • Automated workflow streamlines & accelerates response to complaints reducing the risk of a costly claim
  • Closed feedback loop ensures that all steps are taken & documented, & issues are completely resolved
  • Combine data from multiple & sources increase learning by creating a comprehensive picture
  • Demonstrate the value of your initiatives by producing trend reports
  • Increase transparency by having aggregated patient feedback information available

Assess and strengthen your patient safety culture.
No one knows your organization better than the people at the forefront of patient care. The Portal can serve as a tool to deploy, collect, analyze and submit information from the AHRQ Survey on Patient Safety Culture. Participate in the national database, benchmark your organization and combine the data with patient feedback to turn data into action and monitor your quality scores over time.

The AHRQ Survey on Patient Safety Culture provides insight in the following areas:

  • Teamwork within units
  • Supervisor/Manager expectations
  • Management support for patient safety
  • Organizational learning/continuous improvement
  • Overall perceptions of patient safety
  • Feedback & communication about errors
  • Communication openness among staff
  • Frequency of events reported
  • Teamwork across units
  • Staffing
  • Handoffs& transitions
  • Non punitive response to error
  • Overall patient safety grades

"There are many important aspects of the Portal's reporting process, but the main one is that through the use of the Portal, we have been able to change the traditional 'incident report' into a change management tool. We receive complete information in a timely manner and we can react quickly through follow-up and investigation to prevent future events from occurring. The ability to address a resident's or patient's concern in near real time has become a tangible and meaningful benefit of using the Portal."

Debbie Randon
Director of Training and Development
Lexington Health Care