Clarity ASI: Ambulatory Safety Insight™

Clarity's newest suite of services is specifically designed for ambulatory settings. Clarity ASI™ is a powerful, packaged solution that helps you gain insights into your delivery of care and find ways to improve it. With Clarity ASI™, you benefit from three distinct services working in tandem to address patient safety across all your ambulatory settings.

  • Risk-Quality-Safety Office Practice Survey
The foundation of Clarity is in Risk, Quality, Safety consulting, and with this survey, we can gauge the climate of safety in your ambulatory settings and find out where there might be issues. It allows you to gather information straight from your providers and understand the practice patterns of each setting. By knowing what is currently happening, you can then begin to identify and implement necessary changes.

  • The Ambulatory Safety Module of Clarity's Healthcare SafetyZone® Portal

Clarity's Healthcare SafetyZone® Portal is a user-friendly, state-of-the-art software product for capturing and managing the information that is most important to you. The Ambulatory Safety Module within the SafetyZone Portal allows you to customize and specify a set of reporting templates that are applicable to you and your ambulatory needs.

  • Professional Liability Claims Review and Analysis

In-depth, professional liability claims analysis gives you the insights you need to assess the impact of ambulatory safety claims on your organization and use that information to direct resources where they are needed most.

The driving purpose behind Clarity's new Ambulatory Safety Insight™ program is to provide a suite of services that can help you learn how your risk, quality and patient safety management processes are impacting the ambulatory setting. With an integrated focus on risk, quality and patient safety, many other requirements such as regulatory/financial and quality performance will also be satisfied while simultaneously improving patient safety and quality of care.

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