20 Years of HSZ Reporting

By Chris Hajek
Monday, December 11, 2023

The Healthcare SafetyZone® system  is celebrating its 20th year  helping organizations just like yours to be the smarter, safer organizations you strive to be.

The SafetyZone is a total healthcare risk management information system built on Clarity's intelligent Flex-Fit™ platform, which empowers providers across the entire spectrum of healthcare to capture and learn from incident report and other safety event data while also addressing a wide range of organizational needs that are unique to their provider type.

Patient-Centered, Proactive,

Adverse Event Reporting &

System-Wide Learning &

The SafetyZone® Flex-Fit™ platform offers levels of flexibility, relevant modules, and tailored entry levels for any provider, from the largest academic medical centers and health systems to the most local FQHCs, Critical Access Hospitals, ambulatory facilities, behavioral health centers, hospice, home health... wherever patients are.

Our system is designed, built, and continuously enhanced by healthcare professionals with decades of clinical and risk management experience in the industry. Unlike many electronic reporting solutions that were developed first for hospitals and then "made to fit" other provider types (an expensive experiment for a smaller organization), our system was built from the ground up to be an intuitive data collection solution for the entire healthcare industry.

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