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Clarity Group Celebrates Patient Safety Awareness Week

By Chris Hajek
Monday, March 09, 2015

We at Clarity Group are proud to stand with the National Patient Safety Foundation® (NPSF) in celebrating Patient Safety Awareness Week, their annual education and awareness campaign for healthcare safety. This year's theme is "United in Safety," and we couldn't agree more with the concept! Now more than ever, with the increasing complexity of healthcare systems, everyone at every stage shares a joint responsibility for maintaining and increasing patient safety. It is one of the primary guiding principles that inform all of our products and services, from reporting software to risk-quality-safety consulting and everything in between.

From NPSF, "Everyone in the health care process plays a role in delivering safe care and by uniting together and sharing that common goal, we can make a difference in patient safety. From patients to care providers, from the front lines to the executive suite, from the patient and family advocate to the corporate solutions provider - we are all united in the goal of keeping patients and those who care for them free from harm. The focus of this campaign is patient engagement and emphasizes the importance of the relationship between providers and patients and their families. Enhanced communication begins with an informed and engaged patient and helps to lead to safer care."

For more information on the campaign and access to a whole suite of resources that they've made available to the public, visit the NPSF Website.

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