Thank You for a Fun and Successful HIMSS15 Conference!!

By Chris Hajek
Friday, April 24, 2015

The giant HIMSS15 Annual Conference and Exhibition happened last week in Chicago, and we're delighted to say that our first time exhibiting at the conference was both fun and rewarding! HIMSS is a cause-based, global enterprise producing health IT thought leadership, education, events, market research and media services around the world, and we were excited to share our products and ideas around how healthcare patient and organizational safety can be so profoundly impacted by powerful IT solutions and stretegies.

Clarity's Portal goes way beyond incident reporting. The Portal is a powerful, web-based, healthcare incident reporting and comprehensive patient safety management system that enables you to collect and analyze data, facilitate internal communication, manage follow-up and foster learning to support all your risk, quality and safety initiatives. It's an expert product, built by healthcare risk-quality-safety experts with decades of experience, and we're very proud of it.

Learn more about Clarity's powerful healthcare IT products, here.

 To follow up on HIMSS ideas and events going forward, visit their website, here.

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