Happy World Patient Safety Day!

By Chris Hajek
Friday, September 17, 2021

In honor of World Patient Safety Day and this year’s theme of “Safe maternal and newborn care,” Clarity Group would like to honor our client, Ob Hospitalist Group, for the continuous quality care they provide to mothers and newborns across the country.

Ob Hospitalist Group operates with a vision “to elevate the standard of women’s healthcare by delivering specialized services that improve quality and positively impact the lives of women, their newborns and the families they serve.”

As a client of ours for over seven years, Clarity Group is proud to partner with this passionate organization in providing systems and services to easily report, track, and analyze adverse patient events and near misses, and we’re pleased to be able to support them in improving the quality of life for women and newborns.

Ob Hospitalist Group utilizes data from Clarity to provide reports to our hospital partners, highlighting trends that we see nationally. For example, we have used the data to address system issues by providing a tool that can be used following an OB emergency, and by conducting physician/RN rounding on all patients to ensure situational awareness." - Karlie Shoemaker, Quality Coordinator, Ob Hospitalist Group

On behalf of Clarity, the Healthcare SafetyZone, and Ob Hospitalist Group...

Happy World Patient Safety Day!

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