PSO Basics & FAQs

What is a Patient Safety Organization?

The federal Patient Safety Organization (PSO) program stems from the Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Act of 2005 (PSQIA). In the act, the Patient Safety Rule called for the creation of PSOs as a means of assessing and improving patient safety outcomes in US healthcare delivery. Through the law, all licensed providers are encouraged to collect and report patient safety and quality information to a listed Patient Safety Organization for analysis via a properly structured Patient Safety Evaluation System, or PSES. In return, all data reported through the PSES, also known as Patient Safety Work Product, or PSWP, are held confidential and legally protected from discovery.

Can you please explain PSES and PSWP?

PSES stands for "Patient Safety Evaluation System," and refers to the process that is in place at a healthcare provider for reporting and reviewing and sharing patient safety event information with a PSO.

PSWP stands for "Patient Safety Work Product," and refers to the actual information shared through the PSES, which is protected by the privilege and confidentiality protections of the Patient Safety Act and Patient Safety Rule. PSWP provided to and analyzed by the PSO is then used to form protected recommendations by the PSO for implementation by the provider.

Is Joining a PSO the right move for my organization?

A federally listed Patient Safety Organization such as Clarity PSO offers healthcare providers the opportunity to participate in patient safety and quality improvement efforts without the risk of losing the protection of data confidentiality or fearing discovery in the case of potential litigation. Hospitals, long term care, home care, medical groups and others can all benefit from this protection. 

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What can I expect when working with Clarity PSO?

By working with Clarity PSO, you gain access to risk-quality-safety management services, benchmarking opportunities, detailed event review, education, and resources for evidence-based best practices. We work with a highly qualified Healthcare Advisory Council to provide service excellence built on our more than 40 years of experience modifying systems to enhance healthcare quality. The process really is quite simple, and we encourage you to reach out to us to learn more. 

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