PSO Impact and Opportunity: A 7-Year Report to Healthcare Providers

By Chris Hajek
Wednesday, October 28, 2015

As one of the nation's first and most trusted Patient Safety Organizations, we understand the importance of knowledge sharing in order to improve the quality of healthcare. In keeping with that, Clarity PSO publishes a series of educational reports--The Clarity PSO Learning Series--that focus on the risk-quality-safety (RQS) issues we have spotted through our incident reporting data collection and analyses. These reports include our findings on a given topic and our recommendations on how to use knowledge to mitigate risk and improve patient safety.

But let's take a quick look beyond any specific patient safety topics, and examine the federal Patient Safety Organization (PSO) Program in general. This serves as an update to our initial report, Clarity PSO - A Five-Year Report to Healthcare Providers, published in November of 2013. In the two (2) years since that inaugural report, Clarity PSO has continued to engage with many healthcare providers from a variety of healthcare service areas. We have seen an increase in commitment to the tenets of the Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Act (PSQIA) that created the Patient Safety Organization (PSO) program in 2008, and the impact that working with a PSO can have on providers and their delivery of care.

This report is a window into the work of Clarity PSO, and more importantly, the insights that our clients have gained through their work with Clarity PSO. Healthcare providers and the federal government remain committed to enhancing the safety of our healthcare delivery system, and both are seeing the impact that PSOs can have on achieving that goal. We are proud to be a founding PSO and to serve the healthcare providers who contract with us for our products, services and insights. We continue to believe that what we do as a PSO has great benefit to sustainable and forever-enriched patient safety and healthcare quality. Our work is dedicated to that belief.


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