Webinar: Building a Meaningful Safety Program - One CHC's Story

By Chris Hajek
Monday, October 19, 2015

Recently Clarity presented a webinar discussing the importance of having a strong safety program set up in CHCs/FQHCs. We described the general strategy that we have developed, and then how a particular FQHC identified and deployed a streamlined approach to safety by leveraging the power of Patient Safety Organization (PSO) protections in conjunction with an electronic safety event management system.

The webinar covered:

- The basics of the PSO program

- How a safety program can be developed for a CHC/FQHC by combining two important tools: a PSO and an electronic safety event management system

- One FQHC's journey (VNA) in deploying a safety program

Speaker: Tom Piotrowski, Executive Director, Clarity PSO

WEBINAR watch now >>

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