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Healthcare SafetyZone® Portal

The Portal is a cloud-based patient safety management system that allows you to collect and analyze data, facilitate internal communication, manage follow-up and foster learning to support all your risk, quality and safety initiatives. Our system is easy-to-use and flexible making it a perfect fit for any organization, from hospitals to ambulatory settings to long-term care and hospice. The Portal works the way you do and grows with your organization.


Save time, save money & save lives with the Healthcare SafetyZone® Portal










Report Incidents. Manage risk. Show results.
The Portal is not just a home for data - it's a driver for improvement. With the healthcare system facing dramatic changes and reimbursement payments now more closely linked to quality, it's critical to have the right tools in place. The Portal allows you to meet requirements, and save time and money while improving patient safety and quality of care.

  • Increase reporting - clients have experienced an average increase of 20% - 50% in reporting
  • Accelerate action - automated workflow & real-time communication improves productivity & enables action to reduce the risk of claims
  • Comply with reporting requirements - easily produce reports required by outside agencies
  • Foster collaboration & integration - facilitate communication & share knowledge across departments or locations
  • Analyze trends - identify opportunities for interventions to reduce risk & increase reimbursements

The Portal is an affordable tool that can help raise your organization's quality profile and lead to a safer and more preferred patient environment, resulting in a more profitable patient stay.

Robust reporting and analytics lead to real value.
The true value of the Portal is in its ability to take information and connect it in a way that shows you a path to improvement. At the click of a button, you can aggregate, filter and analyze in ways that will support strong decision making leading to measurable outcomes.

  • Look at data from multiple stakeholder perspectives across the organization
  • Conduct root-cause analysis on events
  • Demonstrate the value of your quality programs with comparative reports
  • Benchmark against peers & share lessons learned
  • Ready data for PSO reporting
  • Earn a reputation as a transparent & progressive healthcare provider

A simple and flexible tool that works the way you do and grows with you.
We believe that risk-quality-safety management systems should fit what organizations need, not the other way around. The Portal is scalable so that as your organization grows or as regulations change, you already have a system that can adapt with you. We start where you are ready to start - with existing templates or a blank slate - our experts will guide you through the steps.

  • Customize forms & templates even after implementation
  • Define an unlimited number of user rules & permissions
  • Set up unlimited specialized alerts & reminders for workflows
  • Templates based on AHRQ Common Formats; can support any combination of taxonomies
  • Regular enhancements based on user feedback
  • Add additional modules like Patient Feedback, Infection Control, Employee & Environment Safety and Claims Management

Technically, it's simple.

  • Accessible via your Intranet
  • Easy & intuitive form for submitting information
  • Integrates with your EMR and other systems
  • Cloud-based; no IT maintenance
  • Professional training & help desk
  • User-group meetings
  • HIPAA compliant
  • Smooth implementation process

Clarity is the clear choice.
Our goal is to help you uncover your path to improved patient care. We know you have a strategy and we are here with the tools to support it.

  • We care about patients as much as you do
  • We are experts in healthcare risk management
  • Our tools are designed in response to real client needs
  • We work the way you want to work
  • We offer our expertise & provide educational & best practice sharing opportunities
  • We believe risk management & patient safety tools should be affordable & accessible