The CDC estimates that 1.7 million patients are affected by hospital-acquired infections (HAI) in U.S. hospitals annually, resulting in nearly 90,000 deaths and costing facilities an estimated $25 billion. As a healthcare provider, your organization faces the challenge of decreasing the occurrence of HAIs to ensure a safe patient environment and a healthier bottom line with fewer non-reimbursable services.

Detect early. Control the spread. Minimize harm.
As a healthcare provider, you know how to control the spread of HAIs - if you can see the signs in time. The infection surveillance module of the Healthcare SafetyZone® Portal serves as that real-time window to help you see emerging problems before it's too late and transform your environment from one of response to prevention.

  • Immediate notification to multiple areas facilitates collaboration for a response
  • Meaningful data delivered to inform effective & specific interventions
  • Streamlined workflow & user-defined rules that ensure efficiency in actions taken
  • Knowledge sharing ensures that protocols are available across the system
  • Trend analysis allows for proactive prevention of HAIs in the future
  • Report templates facilitate reporting to NHSN & other required third parties