SafetyZone Reporting for Behavioral Health

By Chris Hajek
Wednesday, November 02, 2022

Did you know that our Healthcare SafetyZone® #riskmanagementinformationsystem was built from the ground up to work for the *ENTIRE* healthcare industry?

We believe in smarter, safer care...wherever care is being delivered.

We believe that every provider should have the opportunity to efficiently collect and learn from data, improve safety and quality of care, increase reliability, and ultimately impact their bottom line.

The SafetyZone's intelligent Flex-Fit™ platform empowers providers across the entire spectrum of healthcare to capture and learn from safety event data while also addressing a wide range of organizational needs that are unique to their provider type.

Take for example this look at one of our Behavioral Health provider clients. Through a series of tailored modules including Incident Reports, Disaster Drills, Record Reviews, and more, Oaks Integrated Care has utilized the system to maximize their commitment to organizational safety and total risk management.


SafetyZone Reporting for Behavioral Health



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